What do we propose to you as an entrepreneur?

We will provide your business project with first class human capital, as well as apply a variable cost structure that will allow the franchise to make a profit from the very first income.

Co-managing the franchise

Alfa F becomes a direct partner of the entrepreneur in the franchise management company. With a minority shareholding in the franchising head office (40% compared to the 60% held by the entrepreneur), we are very actively and directly involved in the management of the processes of creation and operation of the network.

Providing the franchisor with a professional team from the outset

We will assign a team that will develop the functions of a franchise manager, undertaking the technical project, managing the actions of presentation of the franchise to candidates, closing the operations of new openings, managing any action of monitoring and control and providing support to the entrepreneur in everything that the franchise network needs. Because of his or her technical expertise in the development of the activity, the entrepreneur will be responsible for any aspect or function related to the business model itself. Alfa F will be in charge of the franchise and its operational and geographical development.

Providing the company with a professionalised technical project

Our team of consultants will be in charge of carrying out the franchise project in all its phases: strategic definition, financial planning and all the legally required informative, contractual and operational documentation. We will also undertake all the actions for planning the expansion and development of the network by attracting franchisees and opening new business units. All our work is carried out in accordance with our own ISO 9001-certified methodology.

Apply a variable cost structure that allows the franchise to make a profit from the first revenue.

A project co-managed by Alfa F is a project with no fixed fees for your company. Our intervention is exclusively on a success basis and defined in percentage terms on the total income generated in the growth and operation of the franchise, but in no case on the business units owned by the company: operating royalties, network supply margins, contributions to marketing funds, margins with service companies and any other income. It will be the franchising entity who will grant the franchise contracts and who, in the end, will have to fully invoice these concepts to the franchisee, suppliers and/or service companies, carrying out in turn the settlement to Alfa F in the agreed terms.

Take back Alfa F shares at the end of the agreed expansion period.

At the beginning of the fourth financial year from the start of our partnership, the entrepreneur will have the option to take back the full shareholding in the franchise centre according to the valuation determined for the franchise centre by an independent professional.