What are we looking for at Alfa F?

We seek collaboration between investors and companies willing to work on the development of original and successful business models.

We are looking for Smart Money

Partners who, due to their characteristics, experience and contacts, can bring added value to Alfa F.





We are looking for investors who with their contribution of €150,000 can become partners of Alfa F to work on the development and management of five profitable franchise projects.



We are looking for co-managers to grow

With whom to co-manage a rigorous selection of investee businesses, to grow the franchise and grow our firm’s infrastructure as a consultative and executive support.


We are looking for a partnership

Alfa F partners with the companies whose projects are selected for co-management, forming with them a company responsible for carrying out the franchising functions.


We are looking for a minority stake

Our management entity would participate in 40% of the franchised entity, assuming control over its development and, through Alfa F’s teams and infrastructures, the full cost of the project.


We seek to provide support

We take care of actions to attract new franchisees (website, positioning, press office, presentations, events, etc.), as well as the cost of consultancy and support teams.

"Between investors and companies we can achieve successful business models"

We are looking for co-managers

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are willing to co-manage their business model, and let Alfa F contribute its know-how and infrastructure to their success.




We are looking for successful business models that we can select to integrate into Alfa F’s portfolio of invested franchises.



We are looking for projects with potential

We are looking for business models that meet, in our opinion, more than attractive characteristics to create a highly profitable franchise network with excellent expansion possibilities.

We are looking to do business

We propose to do business and select projects to integrate Alfa F’s franchise portfolio.


We seek to provide support

We have the resources, equipment, relationships and quality processes that no other franchise consultancy can offer its clients. This is clearly recognised by the market as a whole.

Everything is possible under our formula

Can you imagine seeing your business grow in a system where expenses are incurred when there is revenue, and starting up a franchise company with front-line staff in such early stages of an activity?