What do we offer you as an investor?


With your financial contribution you will become a shareholder and partner of Alfa F in the development and management of the franchises selected by Alfa F.

Being part of Alfa F

We propose you to invest in a selection of the best franchises and to do so as our partner. With the capital contribution of your choice (with a minimum ticket of 100,000 euros), you can become a shareholder of the most prominent and recognised franchise accelerator.

Access mundoFranquicia's project portfolio

mundoFranquicia is currently the undisputed leader in franchise consultancy in Spain. This allows us to permanently receive requests for service contracts in our consultancy department and, in short, access to a wide range of attractive business proposals for franchising. We will select those which, in our view, may be of high interest to Alfa F and will raise them with the Committee for investment consideration.

Participate in the selection of companies

You will be part of the Alfa F Committee that will select the projects that we invest in. The qualities of the business and professional profile of our partners lead us to think that the right selection of projects is undoubtedly the real key to the success of this initiative.

Earn dividend income during the management of the brands

The generation of profits at Alfa F will allow us to distribute an annual dividend to shareholders. Not only can we obtain capital gains from divestments, but the funds generated by the expansion and operation of the chain allow the partners to recover part of the investment via dividends.

To achieve capital gains from the sale of our shareholding after the third year.

The proceeds from the sale of Alfa F’s holdings in each of the franchisor’s investee entities will be distributed among the partners in proportion to their shareholdings. These disinvestments are planned to be implemented from the beginning of the fourth year.