What is Alfa F?

A company of the mundoFranquicia group
We create realities We create projects

We invest in successful business models so that they can grow as a franchise and make your business a reference in the national or international market thanks to our support and monitoring.

Co-management of projects

Alfa F is a company of the mundoFranquicia group whose objective is the co-management of franchise projects with high growth potential.

Business model development

We develop projects that show excellent business and growth prospects.

Franchise Consultant

We have the resources, equipment, relationships and quality processes that no other franchise consultancy can offer.

Get to know our essence

Alfa F is an independent legal entity, majority owned by mundoFranquicia, through which the co-management of a selection of franchise projects with very particular characteristics will be undertaken. In any case, projects selected by Alfa F’s partners and showing excellent business and growth prospects. Businesses that are led by entrepreneurs who see in our co-management proposal a professional and highly qualified way of structuring their future franchising organisation.

Alfa F acts as an external franchising department for these projects, not only carrying out the project (global strategic definition, financial planning and informative, legal and operational documentation), but also taking full responsibility for the expansion of the chain (recruitment, information, selection, concession and integration of franchisees) and coordinating any action and decision related to the organisation and operation of the franchise network. For all this, Alfa F will use all the technical and human resources of mundoFranquicia.

Both the project and the expansion actions that Alfa F decides to undertake are developed in accordance with our ISO 9001 certified quality procedures.

We work to boost your business

This and no other is the purpose of Alfa F as a franchise accelerator, a subsidiary of mundoFranquicia that will partner with you for the franchise expansion of your business, successfully guaranteeing its development and sharing the profits of the process.


Involvement, monitoring and control

How do we work?

Alfa F would partner with your company, taking a 40% stake in the capital of a newly formed entity that will act as a franchise centre.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

José Echegaray, 8.
Edif. Alvia III. Plta. 2 Of. 6
Parque Empresarial Las Rozas.
28232 Las Rozas. Madrid.

+34 902 52 98 52

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