Alfa F is a management company that develops business models

Why invest with us?

We develop original and successful franchise projects through co-management with franchises that pass our exhaustive selection process.

We are an investee entity

Majority owned by Alfa F and an investment partner or group of investment partners.

We are committed to co-management

We contribute to the co-management of a maximum of five franchise projects with very particular characteristics.

We select projects

We choose projects that are selected by Alfa F partners and show excellent business and growth prospects.

We are a starting point

We support those businesses run by entrepreneurs who see in our co-management proposal a professional and highly qualified way of structuring their future franchise organisation.

"We invest in successful business models so that they can grow in franchising"


Together we will succeed in developing companies with extraordinary growth potential.

Alfa F acts as an external franchising department.

We act through a system of co-management with the Employer.

We accompany you throughout the process

Alfa F not only undertakes the realisation of the project but also takes over the entire expansion of the chain.

We coordinate decisions

We are in charge of coordinating any action and decision related to the organisation and operation of the chain.

We are the franchise consultancy

mundoFranquicia, as a participating company of Alfa F, has the means, equipment, relationships and quality processes that no other franchise consultancy firm can offer its clients.

Globally recognised

Our action is clearly recognised by the market as a whole.