The key to success lies in selecting the right investment target.

Where do we invest from Alfa F?

“We handle more than 200 projects a year”. Only the best ones are selected for validation, which is always agreed by 100% of the partners.

Spanish capital companies

Whatever their legal form, they must operate in Spain and not be owned by financial institutions or publicly owned companies or entities.

Belonging to a trend sector

Sectors in clear growth, or at least showing clear stability in the current economic context.

Minimum units

They have at least two units of their own in operation.

Previous experience

Have a minimum of two years’ experience in the operation of their own business units and an extensive track record of their top management in the sector in which the business operates.

Sound economic development

The activity is solvent and can be proven by financial statements and key management indicators.

"We take into account your business and your vision for it"

Together we will succeed in developing companies with extraordinary growth potential.

Original business model

They must be business models of clear originality and innovation in their segments.

Little competition

Little or no competition both in terms of business and franchising alternatives.

National and international growth prospects

With excellent prospects for growth in Spain and subsequent international expansion.

Substantial proposals

With clear know-how factors denoting the substance of the integration proposal.

"Innovative and original models"


Easy to reproduce

They do not show excessive difficulty in replicating the business model and passing on the know-how on which it is based.

With a very clear vision

Companies in which the top management has a clear vision of franchise expansion and co-management as a suitable option to undertake it.

With the right position

They have a favourable position among their customers in the media, opinion forums and social networks.